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Our Services and rates are customized according to the needs, requirements and budget of your company. We can provide you with world-class personnel in order to help enhance your business’ productivity and efficiency. TSI offers manpower solutions that are tailor-fit to your requirements and expectations. With TSI, you are assured that the employees we deploy are secured and protected in so far as compliance with General Labor Standards are concerned, so you can focus on your core business.

The services and solutions we present are not just complete, but also cost effective and value-driven. As a one-stop personnel source, TSI offers a wide range of competitively priced service bundles, from human resource search all the way to post-placement. By passing on the task of personnel search and placement to us, you now increase the amount of time and energy in your hands to focus on other immediate concerns your company may have.

At TSI, we do not merely point the way to success. We walk alongside your company, giving you the people you need to accomplish your business goals. TSI maintains strict quality control on personnel, staffing your organization with the right people from the very start. Thus, you are assured not only of competent professionals, but also of individuals equipped with an attitude founded on your own business culture and work ethics.

As an all-Filipino company, we know the Filipino above all. Therefore, we are able to bring you only Filipino professionals who bear the distinctive marks of competence. Moreover, we are inspired by a unique brand of personalized service that enables us to nurture transparent working relationships, rather than merely conduct business transactions. Through this, we are able to identify your real needs and tailor-fit real solutions based on your requirements and expectations.

Ours is a fully capable team of professionals that equates to consistently excellent service and results. In addition, TSI is equipped with updated technological systems that make daily operations efficient, timely and cost-effective.

TSI is more that just a manpower placement firm. We are also a consulting group that assists various companies in strengthening their own human resource assets. In particular, we canhelp develop innovative solutions for start-up companies and large scale projects that require temporary staffing, as well as provide the personnel needed to perform computerization or manualization, documentation and systems re-design.

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  • Permanent Placement
  • Managerial
  • Supervisory
  • Rank and FileTemporary Placement
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  • Technical
  • Skilled and semi-skilled Psychological Testing & Evaluation
  • Personality & IQ tests
  • Consultant interview
  • Client interview Consulting and Staffing for Special Projects & Events